Saturday, August 29, 2009

The next best thing

over the seas programs are the next best thing when it comes to an excting adventure and a fantastic setup for your high school credits and your travels go on your collage transcript.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Man on Fire

The information I had gathered is that the story originaly took place in Rome Itay in the 1960's which at the time was the largest kidnapping capitol of the world. He was a marine with honors and the rest of the information is closed about that. Ether the information is fake or the information is classified either way it rases a suspition if the man John Creasy is real. As I searched for more information there were a few blogs that jumped out at me. There was three sites i went to the first said the story of man on fire is not true and that the real character was from a movie in the 60's with the same bases only insted of the characters name being John creasy the name was Greasy. the second was everything is true but the fact that it was based in mexico city. The third and final refered me to ten different sites in the end gave me the same answer, I don't know for sure.

Man on Fire

After doing continuous reaserch over the past three months the questions about the character John Creasy (played as Denzel Washington) still remains, Is there realy a John Creasy and if so how did his story get picked?

My First Blog

Blogging is the oppurtunety to write your thoughts and information on such applications with out such many buinesses would have lower costumer ratings and some companys wouldn't be here at all like for instance myspace, facebook, and twitter the socal network all gone. Infact this is how those companys even got started, just a bunch of freinds and people talking back and fourth online soon grew and grew inviting everyone and their mother to join and be apart of the new social network.